Retail Media Unleashed

A comprehensive guide to tapping into in-store potential

Preview of the whitepaper showing its cover stacked on top of two pages from inside the report
The value of optimizing in-store retail media

In the last decade, retailers have discovered that they have a hidden, monetizable asset: their audiences. To tap into the potential of this asset, they have turned to online retail media, using it to improve their connections with shoppers and sell space to third-party advertisers. As a result, retailers have made billions of dollars and validated retail media as a high-margin strategy.

Taking the adoption of retail media a step further, this whitepaper will provide an overview of the concepts behind successful in-store retail media implementation.

What you’ll learn:
  • How to categorize in-store retail media opportunities
  • How to start an in-store retail media program
  • Tips for optimizing interactive media experiences
  • The potential value of an in-store retail media program