DooH & CTV advertising

Make real-world impressions

Reach your target audience with premium-placed ad solutions that take the guesswork out of Connected TV (CTV) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) marketing.

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Gym members running on treadmills while TV screens with Rockbot advertising play in front of them.
  • Extend reach

    Connect with 70 million monthly viewers.

  • Multi-format ad types

    Run video and digital signage ads.

  • Premium content

    Curated content built for business audiences.

  • Unskippable ads

    Captivated audience attention at scale.

Reach targeted, captivated audiences

From restaurants to fitness clubs to the airports where we fly around the world, Rockbot advertising is everywhere people go.

  • The right frequency

    Rockbot’s ad server decision engine handles impression caps and goals, while frequency capping ensures there is no unwanted ad repetition.

  • Flexible targeting

    Target ads by stores, regions, 1st party data, and 3rd party data to reach your ideal audience every time.

  • Fully managed services

    Rockbot Ad Operations Team handles flighting of direct sold campaigns inclusive of forecasting, scheduling, and targeting.

  • A range of integrations

    Rockbot integrates with many programmatic OOH and CTV demand partners.

Make a lasting impression

of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after being exposed to a digital out-of-home ad.1
  1. Based on nationwide survey data of 1,365 Americans aged 18‒99.