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Today's most exciting consumer music service is also the most innovative on-premise technology in the industry.

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The New Era of Connected Music

Your business technology has never been smarter, more social, or more connected than it is today. The new Rockbot era of music technology connects your entertainment to your existing platforms to open a world of possibilities for integration, customization, marketing, and consumer engagement.

State-of-the-Art Hardware

Easily deploy the Rockbot Player to your locations for a 1-2-3 connection to your existing internet, sound system, and TV displays.

Customizable Software

Rockbot’s features were designed for deep customization to meet your business needs, create powerful brand experiences, and engage customers.

Any Integration, Any Time

Today's music partner should easily integrate with your technologies—from mobile and tablet to digital signage and social media.

Rockbot is the most innovative and relevant business music solution for today’s mobile and social world.
- FastCasual.com

Beacon Technology That Rocks

Introducing Rockbot Anthem. The first beacon solution to connect with your music system and automatically play your customers favorite songs when they arrive. Pre-configured and no setup required.

Powered by Bluetooth
All customers with the Rockbot app and bluetooth enabled on their phones automatically hear their favorite songs when they visit.
High-Tech Marketing
Would your marketing team like to automatically greet each customer with a custom message and song play? Now they can.

Enhancing Your Mobile App

Rockbot integrates with your brand’s mobile app to engage your customers with social music and increase app usage. Go beyond letting your users find locations and browse the menu.

Your App’s X-Factor
Display the music currently playing at the location, upcoming songs, and user voting, and custom messaging.
Any Device, Any OS.
Rockbot’s integrates with iOS and Android on both smartphones and tablet devices.

Your existing sound system, internet, and tv displays connect perfectly with Rockbot.

The Rockbot Player connects easily to the internet, a sound system and on-premise TVs/displays (optional) to stream customized music and a variety of interactive entertainment for customers.

Music automatically starts and stops according to your business hours and content is stored locally to ensure uninterrupted playback in the case of an internet outage.

Social TV for Brands

Music, video, Instagram, Twitter, and custom brand content--all in one interactive experience.

HTML5 Display

Rockbot’s signage software guarantees optimal visual quality across all screen sizes.

NewLive TV

Stream TV content through our new L-Bar format to keep your music and branding on screen.

New Loyalty & Social Integrations

Feature your loyalty program in the Rockbot app to increase customer sign-ups, and easily sync your Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter channels to drive measurable growth on your social channels.

Quicker Rewards
Rockbot sees more usage per location than Belly and popular loyalty apps. Reward your customers with song plays and substitute loyalty system liabilities with instant redemption.
Overflowing Social
Sync your brand’s social accounts with the Rockbot app, your Social TV display, and our email marketing for daily, network-wide exposure.

Tablet & Kiosk Technologies

Rockbot is the only enterprise music solution that integrates with today’s tabletop and kiosk platforms, enhancing your tablet technology and engaging guests before, during, and after their meals.

On The Table
Leading tabletop providers strongly recommend entertainment apps like Rockbot to engage the customers using your tablets.
Kiosk Mode
For locations utilizing tablets outside the dining area, Rockbot Kiosk Mode lets customers easily pick a song as part of the ordering flow.

All your platforms, connected.

A music system built for 21st century business technologies.

Flexible Integrations

Utilize the Rockbot API for any integration--from smartphones and tablets to beacons and digital signage.

Enterprise Scale

All of our technology is built to solve sophisticated enterprise needs across the large-scale networks.

Deep Customization

Rockbot tools enable customization across your stores and your platforms--from locally-targeted music to branded visuals to on-premise messaging.

Emerging Technologies

A fast-paced technology company at heart, Rockbot ensures your business will be first to launch new applications in music and restaurant technology.

Rockbot is a social, interactive, and high-tech advancement.
- Rolling Stone
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