The Smartest Way to Use Sonos
at Your Business

Start playing a commercially licensed and customized soundtrack at your business instantly through your Sonos system.

Rockbot is now available for your Sonos system!
Simply start a free trial and add Rockbot to your
Sonos Controller to get started.

A Customized Business Soundtrack Made Simple

  • More Music Than Any Business
    Music Provider

    Easily access Rockbot's 16 million-song library and pick from hundreds of custom playlists to achieve your perfect sound.

  • 100% Control Over
    Your Sound

    Ban specific aritsts and songs, turn off explicit lyrics, or play different types of music at different times of day.

  • Licensed for Business via

    Never worry about hidden fees from Performance Rights Organizations. Rockbot covers your licensing needs.

No Contracts.
Affordable Monthly Subscription.

Starting at only $24.95 per month, play licensed music instantly at your business with no contracts or additional fees.

Take Your Sonos Experience to the Next Level

  • The Option to Let Your Guests Pick Songs

    Rockbot is the only music solution on Sonos with the option to engage your guests. Let them see what's playing, pick pre-approved songs & vote on the playlist from their phones.

  • Display Your Soundtrack on Your TVs

    Put your TVs to better use by displaying your music and engaging your guests. Connect Rockbot to your Amazon Fire TV to show what's playing, what's up next, and even your promotions.

How to Get Started

  • Start Your Free Trial Below

    Access your free Rockbot trial by clicking the button below and completing sign-up. No credit card is required.

  • Set Up Your Music on the Web

    Easily customize your playlists and music settings from your account on a desktop computer.

  • Stream from the Sonos App

    Simply add Rockbot to your Sonos Controller, and start playing your fully licensed soundtrack in minutes!