Instrumental Hits

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by RockbotRadio

111 Songs
  • Killing Me Softly

    Goergeana Bonow

  • No Woman, No Cry

    Flavio Mendes

  • Just Can't Get Enough


  • September

    John Tesh

  • Loving You

    Marcela Mangabeira

  • Time After Time

    Tuck & Patti

  • Black Or White

    Joana Duah

  • Purple Rain

    Daniela Procopio

  • You Give Me Something

    Marcela Mangabeira

  • Like A Virgin

    Marcela Mangabeira

  • Don´t Stop The Music

    Marcela Mangabeira

  • West End Girls

    Cris Delanno

  • How Deep Is Your Love

    Maria Augusta

  • Light My Fire


  • Tears In Heaven

    Dudu Braga

  • Fly Me To The Moon

    Bob Tostes

  • Mrs. Robinson

    Marcelo Rezende

  • Beat It

    Cris Delanno

  • The Look Of Love

    Patty Ascher

  • Here Comes the Sun

    Marcela Mangabeira

  • Smooth Criminal

    Joana Duah

  • My Cherrie Amour

    Taryn Spilmann

  • Here, There And Everywhere

    Monique Kessous

  • Ticket To Ride

    Taryn Szpilmann

  • Hey Jude

    Monique Kessous

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

    Lulu Joppert

  • Day Tripper

    Tahta Menezes

  • Back to December

    Priscilla Mariano

  • Call Me Irresponsible

    Bob Tostes

  • Cheek to Cheek

    Cecilia Dale

  • All that She Wants


  • My Girl

    Franco Satamini

  • Papa Don't Preach

    Maira Martins

  • Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Bruna Repetto

  • Flowers in Your Hair

    Guitar Dreamers

  • Bittersweet Symphony

    Guitar Dreamers

  • Witchy Woman

    Guitar Dreamers

  • Take It to the Limit

    Guitar Dreamers

  • One of These Nights

    Guitar Dreamers

  • New Kid in Town

    Guitar Dreamers

  • Lyin' Eyes

    Guitar Dreamers

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