THE LOT Fashion Island

THE LOT was inspired by and created for this neighborhood and honors the sea, art, culture, food, music, weather, entertainment and the people that make Newport Beach so singular and inspiring.

  999 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(858) 344-7912


THE LOT Fashion Island is using Rockbot to create the best music experience at their business.

Top Artists at THE LOT Fashion Island

  • Luis Hermandez

  • Velvet Dreamer

  • Aitor Escobar

  • Josete Ordóñez

  • Sarah Menescal

  • Banda Do Sul

  • Maria Augusta

  • Jamie Lancaster

  • Brazilian Jazz Cuts

  • Eliza Lacerda

  • Karen Souza

  • Scubba

Today's Specials

  • Grand Opening

    Please visit us April 26th more