Chinese Traditional Chill

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350 Songs
  • The Flickering of the Candle Flame

    Anna Guo

  • Jasmine Flower

    Lei Qiang

  • Chao Yuan Song

    China Central Folk Music Orchestra

  • New Opening

    Anna Guo

  • Autumn Reflections By The Dongting Lake

    Sun Fengzhong; Sun Guisheng; Zhu Runfu

  • Pastoral Flute

    Liu Chi

  • The Love Song Of a Mountain Village

    Li Shi

  • Deep Night

    Zhang Suying

  • Spring Arrives on the Qing River

    Anna Guo

  • The Flickering Of The Candle Flame

    Lei Qiang

  • The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun

    Anna Guo

  • The Dance Of The Yi People

    Anna Guo

  • Festival In The Tian Mountains

    Anna Guo

  • Thinking of the Past

    Lei Qiang

  • The Faraway Place

    Lei Qiang

  • Night Song

    Lei Qiang

  • Ancient Music Of The Naxi People: Suite ...

    Yunnan Minority Orchestra

  • Slumber

    Jonny Faith

  • Three-Six

    Anna Guo

  • Pearls Dropping onto the Jade Plate

    Anna Guo

  • Harvest Celebration

    Anna Guo

  • The Four Seasons

    Lei Qiang

  • Tea Harvest

    Lei Qiang

  • Liu Yang River

    Lei Qiang

  • Wakefulness

    Environmental Cinema

  • Spiritual Fores

    Environmental Cinema

  • New Energies

    Environmental Cinema

  • Meditate

    Environmental Cinema

  • Promenade Tableaux D Une Exposition


  • Orchestral Suite No. 3 BWV 1068


  • Amazing Grace


  • Kai Shou Ban


  • Dance Along The Old Silk Road

    Yang Jing

  • On The Eve of The Spring Festival

    Wang Yiqin

  • Guangling Tune (Guang Ling San)

    Guan Pinghu

  • Spring At the Snowy Mountain

    Zhu Xiaomeng

  • Beyond the Great Wall

    Lin Shicheng

  • Ki-Zu-Na


  • Forest III

    Kiyoshi Yoshida

  • Recalling The Past at Tongguan Pass

    Fu Xueyi

  • Eighteen Ban

    Song Baocai

... and 310 more songs!