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Pick a Rockbot plan for your Shelby's.

Rockbot Music (Annual)
  • Unlimited Access to 16 million Songs and Hundreds of Playlists
  • Web Dashboard, Smart Controls, Mobile Remote Control
  • Fully licensed for your business with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC


Paid Annually
Rockbot Request (Annual)
*All Rockbot Music, plus:
  • Let guests engage with your music and request songs right from their phone.
  • Unlimited free song requests for guests.
  • Easily control what guests can request from to maintain your vibe.


Paid Annually

Pick your Rockbot Player.

Rockbot Player - Audio & TV Display Option
  • Safe from internet outages and crashes
  • Easily connects to internet and sound system via 3.5mm cable
  • Automatic start and stop according to set business hours
  • Tamperproof to prevent employees from interfering with music
  • Dynamic on-screen display of your music and upcoming songs (optional)
  • Will this work with my system?

One Time Purchase