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The Best Music For Bars. Mobile App For Customers.

Rockbot is customized music for bars that engages your customers directly on their phones - so they stay longer, buy another round & share your business on social media.

Music App For Customers

  • Engage your customers at the bar
    Customers use the Rockbot app to pick songs, vote on upcoming music, share on social media & see specials
  • Keep control over what’s played
    Your customers can only pick pre-approved songs that you deem appropriate for the vibe of your business
  • Get constant social media buzz
    When customers use Rockbot, they share their song plays promoting your bar on Facebook, Twitter & beyond

The Perfect Bar Playlist

  • More music than Pandora & your iPod combined
    13 million songs, customized stations, personal playlists & new music as soon as it's released
  • More control than any bar music service
    Manage your vibe with our business music app, automate music by time of day, ban artists or songs & more
  • Continuous & licensed music for bars
    Officially licensed music via ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. Music always plays when users aren't picking songs

The Best Part Of All

  • Your customers stay 35+ minutes longer
    Rockbot users stay at your bar longer to hear their songs, order more drinks and invite their friends
  • Your messaging on TVs & in the app
    The Rockbot TV display shows the music playing & your custom messaging to promote specials and events
  • Increased buzz on Yelp, Facebook & Twitter
    See an instant boost to your social media marketing as users share their plays & promote your location online

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