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How it works

Most businesses running Rockbot use our custom music player.
Rockbot also runs easily on an iPhones, iPads or Android devices.
iPhone, iPad & Android

Our Rockbot for Business app turns your smartphone, tablet or iPod into a music player.

Laptop or Desktop PC

Play and manage Rockbot music easily from a browser on your computer.

Digital Media Players

Businesses can run Rockbot on Roku, GoogleTV, and other digital signage platforms.

The Rockbot Player
  • The Rockbot player automatically starts & stops according to your business hours, and uses advanced buffering for error-free playback.

  • The Rockbot TV display engages customers with music, video & your point-of-sale business promotions.

  • High quality audio with a seamless crossfade between songs, so your vibe never falls flat.

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